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My Cash Back Wallet January-March

Every quarter I’m going to show you how I get cash back. I’ll go over what cards I’m using and what I’m using them for. I usually average around $30-50 per month on cash depending on what’s going on. And that’s not including sign up bonuses. That might not seem like a lot to some. But I will take an extra $400-500 per year all day. 

US Bank Cash + Card

This is arguably my favorite credit card. They have tons of 5% cash back categories, along with some 2% categories. You can choose two 5% categories per quarter. I usually use this card for my internet, cable and streaming and my phone bill. But, one of Chase Freedom’s rotating cash back categories for the months of January-March is Internet, cable and streaming. That, along with using more electricity this time of year I decided to use my other 5% category towards my electric bill. I’m estimating my electric bill to be around $80. So, that will be $4 cash back. My phone bill is $120(my phone payment is included in the bill), so that gives me another $6 back. I will get a total of $10 in cash for the month of January.

US Bank Cash + Application Link

Chase Freedom 

The Chase Freedom is a nice rotating 5% cash back card. Although I can go a few months without using this card. It’s still carries plenty of  value and has some solid categories throughout the year. This quarter they pay 5% for internet, cable and streaming services. With my internet, cable and streaming being a total of $90 that will give me $4.50 cash back. The Chase Freedom also pays 5% at gas stations this quarter. But that doesn’t count superstores, and they’re usually a lot cheaper in gas. So I most likely will not use this card.

Chase Freedom Application Link

American Express Blue Cash

This is the best grocery store credit card out there. The American Express Blue Cash pays 6% cash back all year around. Although it has a $95 annual fee, it’s totally worth it. As the average family spends $300-500 a month on groceries. My monthly grocery bill fluctuates. But I’m going to go with a happy medium of $200 this month. So that will pay me $12 in cash back. Amex pays you in the form of a statement credit and you need a minimum of $25 to use it. I usually am able to redeem every couple months. 

American Express Blue Cash Application Link

US Bank Cash 365 and Capital One Quicksilver 

Both of these cards are nice because they pay 1.5% cash back on every purchase. The reason I use both is because the Cash 365 pays in the form of cash back where the Quicksilver is in the form of a statement credit. But I like to shop at Costco and they only take Visa cards. The Quicksilver is Visa whereas the Cash 365 is Amex. I will be switching to Chase Freedom Unlimited soon as my 1.5% on everything card since its Visa and is more versatile with paying in cash and points transfers to other cards. But between the Cash 365 and Quicksilver I will get roughly around $5 back in the month of January.

Capital One Quicksilver Application Link


My total estimated cash back for the month of January with all of these cards comes out to $31. And that’s probably a conservative estimation. I know a lot of people cringe at the thought of credit cards. But if you are responsible they can definitely be used to your advantage. I love being able to get something for all of my bills and needs that I’m going to be spending money on anyway. This is not a time consuming process either. What’s in your wallet this month?

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