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Top 5 Stocks to Buy and Hold for a Decade

Below is a list of companies that I like as investments to buy and hold for a long, long time. I’m not advising you to buy these stocks. This is just my personal opinion. I hope you enjoy!


Amazon may be expensive right now at $2,000 per share. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t go even higher. Amazon has 100 million Prime users and their Prime users spend $1,400 per year on average. They have so many businesses beyond that. They purchased healthy food grocer Whole Foods. Amazon Web Services is their big profit driver. AWS is a cloud storage company that has clients such as Netflix, AirB&B and Reddit. 

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On top of the Kindle, Amazon has a lot of hardware that link together perfectly. They have Alexa, a voice activated device. You can link all of your lights and appliances to it. They also own Ring, the electronic doorbell that sends video alerts to your phone. Amazon’s subscription services is an ever-growing venture also. They have Prime, Prime  Music, Prime Video, They also have Audible, the audio book subscription service.

Alphabet aka Google

Google is huge and will continue to grow because of their ad revenue. And they get ad revenue a number of different ways. First is Google Ad Sense. They sell ads on partner sites via text, videos and images. They have Double Click, which is an advertising service that targets  certain audiences by telling a publisher how long and often people are on their specific pages. And the most popular and ever growing is YouTube. Companies who are still advertising on TV and not on YouTube are so far behind it’s not even funny. Advertising through YouTube is what separates the great companies from the failing ones and Google knows this. Google pays creators to keep  them inspired to make content to attract viewers. 


Google also has a solid cloud service to compete with Amazon and Microsoft. A business venture that may pay off for them further down the road that no much people talk about is Waymo. Waymo is a self-driving taxi service.  They will probably be the only competition for Uber.


Facebook, like Google makes the majority of their money on advertising. They’re trying to put ads on every inch of their landscape. Facebook is arguably the most undervalued stock on this list. Facebook’s ad revenue continues to grow and they have just scratched the surface on Instagram. They’re still working on better monetizing WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a chat application that just hit 2 billion users. With more and more companies turning to Facebook for advertising their products and businesses, ad rates will continue to rise and Facebook will be swimming in more and more cash. 


I’m really surprised more people don’t put Disney in the conversation of stocks to buy and hold. We all know Disney has their movies, TV shows, theme parks and merchandise. But ESPN+ and Disney+ are just sleeping giants in my opinion. In 2018 and 2019 Disney came out with a ton of banger movies. But CEO Bob Igor says in 2020 they will spend the majority of their focus on TV shows and short content for their Disney+ platform. D+ already has almost 30 million subscribers and they only launched in November 2019.

Igor also says D+ won’t turn a profit until 2024. But when they do it will be massive. Because all of content will be made by DIsney and it will be quality. Mix this with the acquisition of Marvel, Fox and the constant growth of Hulu and I feel like Disney will absolutely explode.


Apple has been and always will be a beast. Apple is known for their computers and phone. With their iPhone 11 being their best one yet. Apple is piecing together all of their products and services to work together in a beautiful, harmonizing ecosystem. If you have an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV. Apple Credit Card and a Mac Book they will all work together like an Olympic gold medal-winning synchronized swimming team. Like Disney, Apple came out with AppleTV+ to compete with Netflix. Apple is hiring a bunch of big names to help create content for this so it won’t be a low quality service. Apples services is a $12 billion dollar business in itself and also consists of their app store, cloud and music service. 



I love all of these companies. The one thing that they all have in common is they don’t just rely on ONE product or service. They have tons of businesses within their business. And that’s what separates them from the rest and makes them ideal long term investments. I wanted to put Tesla on this list, but I’m going to wait until they turn a full year of profit first.  Hope you enjoyed this article!

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