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One of Citi’s newest cards is the CIti Custom Cash. A new card with 5% cash back categories that could earn you cash or thank you points. This is a very versatile card with no annual fee that could  fit into your card gameplan in many ways

Application Link

Citi Custom Cash

How it Works

You can earn 5% or 5x Thank You Points on up to $500 per month on the category you spend the most on. For example, if you spend $300 on groceries and $200 on dining your 5% will go towards the grocery category and 1% on dining. After spending $500 on a certain category in a month it will be 1% after that. 

Categories Include:

  • Restaurants
  • Gas stations 
  • Grocery stores
  • Select travel
  • Select transit
  • Select streaming services
  • Drug stores
  • Home improvement stores
  • Fitness clubs
  • Live entertainment

Welcome Offer

As of right now Citi is offering a $200(20k Thank You Points) bonus for spending $750 within the first three months. It was at $300(30k) at one point. 

Why You Should Get This Card

If you are not a big spender then this could fit your needs. If you spend under $500 per month on groceries or restaurants then this could fit your wallet nicely. Also, there aren’t a lot of gas cards out there so this could work for that. Unlike other cash back category cards, this one doesn’t have monthly rotating categories. You can pick the same one every month if you want. 

Why You Shouldn’t Get This Card

If you’re a big spender and know you will quickly max out every month then this card may be a waste of time. There may be other cards out there with higher or no spending caps on your desired spending category that would suit you better. 

How I am Going to Use this Card

For groceries and streaming I prefer the Amex Blue Cash Preferred. But this card will fit perfectly for my dining needs. And as for home improvement, live entertainment, transit and travel it’s nice to have those options when needed. 

Application Link

Citi Custom Cash


If you are looking for a good cash back card with multiple categories or a card to add to your Citi collection for combining points then this is a good addition.

Other Details

  • Has a foreign transaction fee
  • One card per person
  • 0% intro APR on Purchases and Balance Transfers for 15 months
  • Recommended credit score 690+

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